Changelog 07.03.2020 – 03.06.2020 (71 fixes)

Spells (27)
Death Knight
Dark Simulacrum will now copy Druid spells which have their mana cost removed by Predator’s Swiftness
Fixed a bug which caused Fungal Growth to slow targets outside of the marked area
Players will no longer lose their shapeshifting model after teleporting into battlegrounds or arenas
Starsurge copied by Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest will no longer trigger cooldown
Wild Mushrooms will now despawn immediately when killed
Reworked autorepeat spells -> this fixes all remaining visual bugs of Auto Shot
Reverted an old change which removed Scatter Shot’s travel time
Reverted a correction which removed Silencing Shot’s travel time, Silencing Shot’s base speed has been doubled instead
Getting hit by Throw will no longer remove Mage’s Brain Freeze
Getting hit by Ice Lance will no longer consume charges of Fingers of Frost
Fixed a bug which caused Ignite’s damage to be calculated incorrectly if the Mage scored a critical strike as the previous Ignite was about to end
Removed hacks and correctly implemented Nether Vortex
Added missing cast visual
Spellsteal will now always dispel magic effects from the target, even if the Mage can’t steal them
Exorcism DoT will now only benefit from Attack Power or Spell Power, whichever is the highest
Exorcism DoT will now correctly benefit from The Art of War
Leap of Faith will no longer fail to pull targets affected by some stuns such as Sap, Gouge, Wyvern Sting or Ring of Frost
Penance will now send a healing prediction
Prayer of Mending will now prefer to jump to injured targets
Sap will now always remove Stealth immediately after application
Glyph of the Arctic Wolf will now correctly replace the default Ghost Wolf model with a transparent white wolf model
Removed old hack which was causing players to turn around on Hex debuff application/removal
Added missing explosion visual to Seed of Corruption
Victory Rush will no longer consume both Victorious buffs (from killing an enemy and from Impending Victory talent) at once, but rather will use the stronger one first
Creatures can no longer Daze players with Tank specialization
Grievous Bite will no longer remain active even when fully healed
Low-level Frost Mages and Fury Warriors will no longer be negatively affected by their Mastery
Dungeons (14)
#9084 Black Temple Corrected health of Teron Gorefiend, Mother Shahraz and Veras Darkshadow
#12638 Grim Batol Drahga Shadowburner – Invoked Flaming Spirit will be correctly summoned on ground level
#12638 Grim Batol General Umbriss – Boss will no longer turn while casting Ground Siege or Blitz
#9104 Shadow Labyrinth Reworked trash – spawns, pathing, visuals…
#9104 Shadow Labyrinth Murmur – boss reworked
#9104 Shadow Labyrinth Grandmaster Vorpil – boss reworked
#9104 Shadow Labyrinth Blackheart the Inciter – boss reworked
#9104 Shadow Labyrinth Ambassador Hellmaw – boss reworked
#2940 Sunwell Plateau Corrected health of Kalecgos, Sathrovarr the Corruptor, Brutallus, Felmyst, Lady Sacrolash, Grand Warlock Alythess and Kil’jaeden
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Valiona & Theralion – Fixed one problem which sometimes caused Valiona & Theralion encounter to not be saved in BossKills
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Cho’gall – Fire Elementals and Shadow Lords can no longer be crowd-controlled on Heroic difficulty
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Halfus Wyrmbreaker – Halfus Wyrmbreaker will no longer retain his Heroic difficulty abilities after switching difficulty to Normal
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Valiona & Theralion – Fixed a bug which caused Valiona & Theralion’s health to desynchronize
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Sinestra – Wrack will now correctly show its current damage value in the tooltip
Mechanics (1)
#21133 Nefarian FREE HIT Bug ! Apollo 2 It is no longer possible to kill Nefarian (exploit) without taking damage/initiating the encounter
General (12)
Aura Duration Some buffs will now use real time duration instead of in-game duration
Block Reworked conditions used to determine which spells should not be blockable -> this fixes multiple spells which can be blocked now, but should not be blockable
#17136 Breath Timer Fixed many places where breath timer didn’t appear after submerging
#14572 Cataclysm – World Drop – BoE – Epic itemy Fixed an issue that would prevent random world BoE items from dropping
#21219 Dying from Hearthing in Abyssal Depths Players will no longer die (drop dead) when hearthing/teleporting from the Abyssal Depths
#3038 HASTE Reworked interaction of periodic spells with haste -> all DoTs and HoTs now require exactly the same % haste values for additional ticks as they did on retail Cataclysm
Healing Prediction Reworked conditions used to determine which spells should send healing prediction
#21248 Maps Fixed an issue with npc’s/pets pathing through walls/textures in multi level buildings, caves, etc.
#21248 Maps Fixed an issue with players (also pets/npc’s) pathing/falling through textures while being under crowd control (particularly on some arena maps)
Player Stats Reworked player stat system – all player level/class/race combinations now have the same stats they had during retail Cataclysm
Tap All spells which cause creatures to become aggressive will now also tap them
#14185 Vymena HC tokenu Every T11 heroic helmet/shoulder armor now only requires heroic tier token
PvP (1)
#9274 War Games Players can no longer request a War Game with themselves
Quests (1)
Miscellaneous – Tournament
#8250 Kvaldirs and Sharks will no longer fall down to the seafloor
NPCs (11)
Borean Tundra
#20528 Corrected equipment, Willis Wobblewheel will now hold a hammer instead of a sword
#14196 Majordomo Staghelm’s energy regeneration will be smooth again
Grizzly Hills
#15654 Corrected spawn points and added pooling
#15654 Corrected maximum reputation threshold for Booty Bay faction
#19625 Lord Vyletongue no longer has any Arcane resistance
Tol Barad Peninsula
#4092 Corrected melee damage and added mechanic immunities to Baradin Guards and Hellscream Guards
Twilight Highlands
#4566 Increased respawn time to match retail behavior
#4569 Increased respawn time
#20424 Neferset Armorers, Tol’vir Merchants, Neferset Blade Twisters and Neferset Savages will now grant experience on kill
Unknown Location
#19826 Fixed a bug which sometimes caused Deathwing to be unattackable in the last phase
#19826 Players who disconnect during the encounter will no longer see Deathwing’s head in a wrong place after logging back in the game
Items (3)
Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest can now duplicate Pyroblast! (Hot Streak)
Bane of Agony ticks added by Glyph of Bane of Agony will now do double the normal damage
Fixed Stormchops‘ second effect – low damage proc on damage done
Objects (1)
#19494 Corrected spawn location of one Wild Mustard previously spawned underground