How to write tickets

Do you have an in-game problem you do not know how to resolve and need help from a GM? One way to contact a GM is via the ticket system, which is implemented directly in the game and is meant for dealing with individual gaming issues. Keep reading to find out how to submit a ticket and what it should and should not contain.

How to submit a ticket

1. Click on the question mark down among the icons in the action bar.

2. A window like this will pop up. Click on “Open a Ticket”.

3. At the next page click on “Open a Ticket”.

4. In the following window you are supposed to describe your issue (in accordance with the rules below – click on “More information”). Then click on “Submit”.

5. Next to the question mark on the action bar a window will appear informing you about the fact that you have an open ticket. From this moment on a GM can see your ticket and start solving your issue.

6. After you click on this window, another window will pop up asking you whether you want to either edit your ticket (“Edit my Ticket”) or abandon it (“Abandon my Ticket”). If you decide to edit it, the same window as in Step 4 will appear. If you want to abandon your ticket, it is necessary to confirm it.

You ARE to submit a ticket if:
– You cannot turn in a completed quest after a server crash.
– Your character’s stats are bugged.
– Your character’s talents are bugged (in terms of wrong numbers shown, for instance, not wrong mechanics, damage etc.).
– A spell you already learned has disappeared.
– Your trade skills are bugged.
– Your character is stuck in a texture.
– You cannot mount, dismount or change your form.
– You have any other individual issue.

You ARE NOT to submit a ticket if:
– You want to report a bugged quest (use our TwinHEAD instead).
– You want to report a bugged or badly working spell/ability/item (use our TwinHEAD instead).
– You want to report a bugged or missing NPC/game object (use our TwinHEAD instead).
– You want to rename, transfer or modify your character (go to Account manager instead).
– You want to change your registration email (see FAQ instead).
– You want us to give you back your lost items/gold/honor points/APs (see FAQ instead).
– It is going to contain insults, spam, rubbish…

Rules for writing a ticket:
Every ticket absolutely HAS TO contain a detailed description of the problem, the TIME when the player can be contacted in-game, the NICK of the character on which the player can be contacted or the NICK of the affected character if they are not identical. Any tickets NOT CONTAINING THE TIME SPECIFICATION are either deleted without previous warning or left unnoticed until we manage to catch you in-game!