Twilight Highlands – Rework

Dear players,

as many of you know, Twilight Highlands is still a work in progress zone at the moment. Especially for Horde players it is not possible to properly complete that zone in terms of questing and the loremaster achievement.

Over the past months we have updated our sniffs for that zone and were working on a complete overhaul of Twilight Highlands for both factions. The last weeks GMs and the QA department spent a lot of time testing this rework and came to the conclusion that we are ready to make it available to you.

There are still some minor issues, specifically with the daily quest areas of Dragonmaw Clan and Wildhammer Clan which will also get fixed soon. Overall though Twilight Highlands is in very good shape now and we have decided to give you a little early christmas present with this.

On Sunday, 15.12. the Twilight Highlands rework will be available on Apollo.

As always, if you find any bugs, please use the bugtracker to report them.

Apollo Team