Community Manager Q&A #2

Dear Community,

First, apologies for the time between Q&A 1 and 2. I may post the reasoning for this in the future, but for now, let’s just say it’s a busy time for Apollo and there are some big things happening behind the scenes. And trust me, you’re going to like it!

I am unable to voice chat this week due to other commitments but i have spoken to various people in world chats and on Discord regarding events to increase activity, fresh Cataclysm, PvP and much more. So let’s get on with it.

Changes made from the last meeting

Ninja Looting – As per our announcement: We have updated the terms. You asked me to look into it and this is what the team have come up with!

Website – You said it was confusing and cluttered. Well, if you check #Cm_news in Discord you will see a screenshot of a very early glimpse of what we’re trying to achieve based on what you said, and the plan is to have a one click portal on the main page to take you to the expansion you play.


You asked me for server events, so we are proposing a few and we’d like to hear what you think!

  • Southshore Vs Tarren Mill – World PvP battle!
  • Arena event – Winner wins TBC/Wrath Titles and mounts!
  • Transmog contest at Gallywix Pleasure palace for Horde. Alliance TBD.
  • Weekly Raid/Dungeon completion where the most active players win prizes.

Arena – Leaving during preparation

You were saying that it was frustrating that players were leaving before the Arena started. Well now, leaving during preparation will count as a loss to the team leaving. This change will be in effect as of Monday 26th August!


You always ask me for this juicy news! MOP is being worked on, there is no timescale as of when this will happen, but as soon as we know, you will know. 

Fresh Cataclysm. If we were to do this, everything would have to be fixed for the most part. Especially Twilight Highlands which is currently being worked on and is due to be completed in September, but this could be held back. But fresh? Possible, yes, maybe..but we are feeling pretty fresh at Apollo right now. Let’s just say, if all goes well it could be A LOT sooner then you think.

World/dungeon changes

Our Development team have been hard at work again, making sure the zones have that fresh smell of recent fixes. This includes Twilight Highlands but as above, it is not complete yet. Read more on the TH in the above post as mentioned.

So far the following has been done to improve certain zones:

Zul’drak & Howling Fjord – Spawns, formation and various visual improvements have been carried out in these zones. This means that Northrend as a whole now should be picture perfect! 

Zul’Farrak/ Aracatrax and the Slave Pens – These instances have had a complete rework. This includes the events inside them, the bosses and trash mobs.

Please note that zones are always being worked on despite the expansion. This is to make sure the levelling experience is of the highest quality. If you encounter a bug, use the bug tracker!

Dragon Soul

We are planning to introduce a feature implemented by Blizzard in regards to the Dragon Soul raid. This feature was called ‘Power of the Aspects’ and was a debuff applied to mobs inside the instance which reduced their damage and health. Please read more on this debuff here: 

So, this concludes Q&A 2, with me.. your boy Ash. Remember to join our Discord for frequent news updates in my channel #cm_news and to engage with staff and the community.