The New Account Manager is Coming!

Dear community!

It’s here! Not MoP, but the new account manager we have been working on for a couple of months, and which you have been wanting for at least a couple of years. All the remaining issues we were aware of were resolved, which means the new account manager is therefore finally going live, on 18 August 2022 9:30 AM! On this date, we will phase out the old and clunky manager we had to stick with for ages, and replace it with the new shiny manager, with new looks and features.

What’s new:

  • The manager is now available in 4 languages: English, Czech, French and Spanish, with many texts rewritten and updated.
  • A lot of bugs in the old manager are now gone, including issues with verification.
  • The Donate shop has been reworked, with adjusted prices, a search function, and showing all of the purchasable items in their full glory. We have also added 6 new mounts, 22 pets, and 9 toys, including X-53 Touring Rocket, Feldrake, Swift Zhevra, Murkablo, Lucky, Soul of the Aspects, War Party Hitching Post, Magical Ogre Idol, The Flag of Ownership, and many more, all of which are going to stay there forever!
  • The restrictions on trading Death Knights have been removed. Death Knights can now be freely moved between accounts or traded via the character auction, as long as the account that receives the character has another level 55 or higher character and doesn’t have another Death Knight (i.e. the usual rules for having a Death Knight on an account still apply).
  • Characters in the auction now offer the listing of all their items in the inventory, bank, and Void Storage. You will never be scammed again when buying bound-to-account items!
  • The new manager is now prepared and ready for Mists of Pandaria, with the pandaren race and Monk class already supported in advance.
  • Unlimited new possibilities for adding or improving anything that might be needed (unlike in the old manager).

Once the manager goes live, we will be monitoring everything to be sure it works alright, and we will keep you updated. This is an extremely large change for us, and we will be on our guard to deal with any issues that may appear.

Our greatest thanks also go to those of you who have helped us test and debug the new manager over the months; we also haven’t forgotten that we have promised you a reward ‒ we will deal with this after the launch. 😉

Many thanks to all of you as well, of course, for your continued support and patience.

Apollo Team