MoP Devblog #4

For the four months since our last MoP Devblog post, our developers have been steadily making more progress towards the next expansion, despite having to tend to Cataclysm as well to fix issues that have popped up on the new realm. Here are some of the updates that have been done!

First, we would like to thank all of you who participated on the PTR and helped us catch the more elusive bugs. Despite our initial plans, the PTR is still open and regularly updated, so if you want to hop in and assist us with the testing, you are more than welcome (please see here for the instructions).

Now, on to the updates! Aside from the more specific ones that are to follow soon, there have been numerous bug fixes, crash fixes, optimizations, and general improvements applied over the months, thanks to which the server is now more stable and performant than ever. A lot of these issues were found thanks to the testers on the PTR.

Last time, the developers were working on two zones in Pandaria: Townlong Steppes, which is now finished and ready to be tested, and Dread Wastes, which is also nearing completion. The development has now moved towards Krasarang Wilds, the last zone in Pandaria that remains to be tackled, and the first storyline of this zone (Zhu’s Watch) is already done! Additionally, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, as introduced in patch 5.0.4, has been finished as well.

Mists of Pandaria is also the expansion to reintroduce fully-fledged world bosses, powerful enemies that take a raid group to be defeated. First of them, Sha of Anger now appears in Kun-Lai Summit, ready to destroy stray adventurers. The player classes have also seen a lot of progress.

The Shaman and Druid that we worked on last time have been finished and are now available to all of you to choose for new characters on the PTR. Currently we are working on the Death Knight class, with a few spells already done.

As our blog post nears its end, there are still some minor things and general fixes and additions to share:

  • A lot of dungeons were fixed thanks to your input from the PTR.
  • Archaeology has been rewritten and updated (UI dig site indicator).
  • Spell Queue (being able to choose which spell to cast right after the cooldown) has been enabled.
  • The mounts your characters have collected are now account-wide!

As always, you can find the updated status of development progress here. Thank you for all your support and see you next time!