Follow Angle – Private server first!

Hello adventurers!

This announcement may be slightly different, and it is! Why’s that I hear you ask?

Well, as for project detail and development this is something worthy of a shout out for our Development team who have fixed a common issue with all private servers, and that is…follow angle.

We have all suffered from it, the pesky pets/NPC’s and companions spawning behind you but placing themselves on top of one another so you can’t actually see what they’re doing. Well, not on the Apollo server anymore. This has now been resolved and creatures should now position themselves behind the player correctly at pre-determined angles. The angle should be set so that the NPC’s gradually form a circle behind the player. 

This was also in line with a fix in June 2019 in which we fixed the positioning of NPC’s, pets and companions found here: 

Don’t forget that this Saturday 20th July @ 19:00 we will do another CM Q&A to answer any questions you may have.