Apollo III Information

Dear players,

many of you have been craving for more information about our upcoming fresh Cataclysm realm. Well, here it comes!

On Sunday, 12.12.2021 at around 12:00 UTC+1, Apollo III will be launched and ready for you to join!

Based on your feedback, we have adjusted the schedule and postponed the start of raids and PvP until the end of this year, to make it more manageable for players due to the holidays.

The specifics of the new realm are as follows:

  • Initial content will be at 4.0.3. After 10 days (22.12.2012), it will progress to 4.0.6 (no raids).
  • Max level will be 80 at first, until the release of 4.0.6.
  • On 29.12.2021, normal Cataclysm raids will be opened, and the PvP season 9 will start. On 05.01.2022, heroic raids will be opened as well.
  • XP rate will be 3x (configurable with .mod xp) for levels 1–79. 80–85 will be fixed at 1x until 24 hours after realm first level 85 is taken.
  • Until the update to 4.0.6 content, the following other features will be disabled: guild experience and reputation gain, cooking/fishing/jewelcrafting daily quests in capital cities, archaeology training, and flying in Azeroth.
  • Level 80 and profession realm first achievements will be available, but Realm First achievements from WotLK raids will be unavailable.
  • Reforging (with the 4.3.0 updated interface) and transmogrification will be available at launch.
  • Guild challenges will be disabled until 4.1.

We have learnt from past issues that were most annoying to fresh players, and, based on your feedback, our developers, despite working as hard as ever on MoP, have managed to bring some quality-improving changes to Cataclysm as well. Other than fixing some of the old bugs, Dungeon Finder was focused on and completely rewritten to deal with all the annoying issues from the past. This change is already present on our main realm, and we are also testing some features that we may be able to add in the future.

There will be more announcements ’til the end of the year, but we will have to wait a little bit more as we get closer to Christmas. 😉

Your Apollo Team