The new… Old Hillsbrad Foothills?!

Dear Apollo players,

Old Hillsbrad Foothills is the setting of the instance Escape from Durnholde Keep. It is one of the timeways accessible in the Caverns of Time. The setting takes place seven years before WoW’s present (i.e. two years before the events of Warcraft III), to when the future Warchief Thrall was a slave of Aedelas Blackmoore, master of Durnholde Keep.

The dungeon of Old Hillsbrad Foothills has been completly reworked and we are proud to present to you the following changes.

I) A complete rework of all the bosses in the instance.

Lieutenant Drake – Lieutenant Drake was an ambitious military man, with his eyes set upon the glory of command during the Second War. His ambition was only matched by his hatred for the green-skinned orcs who had slain so many of his companions, a hatred which took form in his cruel treatment of the prisoners in the internment camps of Durnholde Keep.
Captain Skarloc – Fiercely loyal to Aedelas Blackmoore, Captain Skarloc rose through the ranks of the Durnholde military alongside his friend Aliden Perenolde. When Aliden decided to take up operations in the Alterac Mountains, Skarloc stayed with his Lord and mentor. He became Aedelas’s most trusted comrade and advisor, earning the title “Blackmoore’s Spear.”
Epoch Hunter – The mysteriously-named Epoch Hunter is an assassin from the infinite dragonflight sent to alter the course of history by killing Thrall before he can escape from Durnholde. The shadowy drake has slain countless beings in service of his cause, but this will be his most important kill. He will summon every ounce of his strength, power, subtlety, and cunning to bring about the end of this timeline.

II) Reworked spawns and formations
Everything should work as on retail.

III) Reworked Thrall’s escort
During this escort you might find Don Carlos which is a subject to a quest : Nice Hat . A young Don Carlos was added to the instance in patch 2.4.3 for the quest which starts from his current self in the Gadgetzan graveyard in Tanaris. His younger version can be found patrolling the road on horseback between Southshore and Tarren Mill, with his pet Guerrero. In the heroic version of the dungeon, he will drop [Don Carlos’ Famous Hat], a haliscan-style hat that summons a coyote spirit vanity pet.

IV) Reworked Taretha’s diversion event

Taretha was integral in Thrall’s survival and upbringing and instrumental in shaping Thrall’s life. It was Taretha who created the original diversion at Durnholde, allowing Thrall to escape. Now the Infinite have captured Taretha and hold her at Tarren Mill. The diversion will not happen without our involvement. You must use the incendiary devices that I give you and burn down the internment lodges in Durnholde. When you have done this, speak with young Thrall in the basement prison of Durnholde.

V) Added many lore events in Southshore, Tarren Mill, Durnholde Keep

So take a step back from hardcore adventuring and enjoy this beautiful and historical place from WoW’s history, only here, on Twinstar Apollo.