New Year Updates

Dear players,

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news for Apollo.

Firstly, we want to extend our apologies for the recent performance dip due to various health and real-life challenges faced by our team members. As we steadily recover, we’re gearing up for an amazing year with several significant plans in the pipeline.

For our projects, we’ve introduced a new voting system. This system enables in-game polls with an automatic TwinStar stars rewarding feature for all participants.

On Cataclysm, we’ve addressed issues with the Firelands’ legendary questline and made some smaller improvements to dungeons and other quests. We encourage everyone to use the bug report system and vote on it so we can prioritize problems effectively. Also, in yesterday’s morning update package, we adjusted our custom Transmogrification system. Once a player purchases an item from our donate shop, they can use it immediately through our special NPC, with no additional payment required.

Thank you for your continuous support, we can’t wait to see you in the game!

Best regards,
Apollo Team