Apollo 3 Content Timeline and Reductions

Dear players,

we would like to inform you that we have published our Cataclysm content timeline, so you can finally check when all the new highly awaited patches and features will be coming.

Additionally, after the server restart on February 16th, we will update the reduction values for tier 11 Cataclysm raids, as follows:

10-man normal damage reduction: 15%
10-man normal heal/absorb reduction: 10%
25-man normal damage reduction: 7.5%
25-man normal heal/absorb reduction: 7.5%

10-man heroic damage reduction: 25%
10-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 20%
25-man heroic damage reduction: 17.5%
25-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 17.5%


Apollo Team