Valentine’s Event

Dear players,

the “Love is in the Air” event started today and we would like to organize another contest for this occasion.
This time, it will be a screenshot competition with the theme of Valentine’s Day. Anyone who wants to join has unlimited options what your contest image can look like. There are no limits to your imagination, and we look forward to the submitted pictures.

What will be evaluated?
– Attractiveness of the image.
– Arrangement.
– Idea/Creativity.
– Working with colors and game environment.
– Personal preference (how the image affects the judges).

Unified rules for all competitors!
– 1 contestant may only submit 1 contest image.
– Must meet the theme “Valentine’s Day”.
– The submitted images can’t show a visible UI.
– Images can be edited in any graphics editor to suit your preferences.
– Images must have a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720. (JPG, PNG, PSD)

Course of the competition and rewards:
1st round
 – The Apollo team selects the 10 most liked pictures from the submitted images.
The authors of all 10 pictures automatically receive a reward of 2000g and proceed to the second round.

2nd round – There will be a public vote in our #contest Discord channel.
The first three who get the highest number of hearts will get another 5000g and they will also be able to choose an item from the donate shop from the categories of clothing, tabards, and other.

Send your contest pictures to and enter “Valentine’s event” + nick of your game character in the e-mail subject.
You can join the competition until February 23, 2020, and the Apollo team will vote internally for the 1st round in the following week.

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