Changelog 04.01.2020 – 07.02.2020 (66 fixes)

Spells (9)
Death Knight
#885 Ebon Gargoyle’s Gargoyle Strike no longer has an increased spell range
#3743 Blessed Life will now share its internal cooldown with Pursuit of Justice
#20399 Word of Glory’s HoT heal amount will scale with Holy Power used to cast Word of Glory
#290 Corrected range calculation against creatures with big hitboxes (e.g. Al’Akir, Ragnaros, etc.)
#5435 Added missing internal cooldown
#8453 Rolling Thunder will no longer proc from Lava Burst (Elemental Overload)
#4660 Attack Power coefficient scales with level now
#881 Slightly corrected height limitation to match client’s code
#881 It is no longer possible to Heroic Leap into most normally inaccessible places
Dungeons (6)
#12638 Grim Batol Valiona is unkillable now
#12638 Grim Batol Drahga Shadowburner will be unkillable until the start of the last phase when Valiona ejects him and leaves
#13209 Shadowfang Keep Corrected Lord Godfrey’s weapons
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Ascendant Council – Interrupting Arion’s Lightning Blast just before he should cast Thundershock will no longer make him skip one Thundershock cast
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Trash – Bound Zephyr’s Rending Gale and Bound Rumbler’s Entomb will correctly negate each other on 10-man difficulties
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Halfus Wyrmbreaker – Corrected attack speed on all difficulties
Mechanics (1)
#11094 Holy Power vs. Miss/Dodge/Parry Holy Power generators (Crusader Strike, Hammer of the Righteous, etc.) will not generate Holy Power if they miss (broken after some recent update)
General (7)
Aggro vs. Immune Spells such as Counterspell, Fear, etc. will aggro creatures even if they are immune to them
Attack Timer Attack Timer is rounded now
#18621 Dun Morogh Exploration Exploration notification will be shown even if you no longer get any experience from it
Exploration Exploration of starting areas will be triggered immediately after logging in the game, players no longer have to move to trigger an exploration
#20879 Jewelcrafting Vendors Cleanup of Jewelcrafting Vendors -> added missing Designs to Tiffany Cartier and Anuur, removed several items which should not be obtainable, etc.
Periodic Trigger Spell Removed an old hack for cancelling periodic trigger spell auras
#16725 Vashj’ir You can now revisit completed Visions of the Past by acquiring the Blade of the Naz’jar Battlemaiden from quest giver and using it on proper spot
Quests (20)
Classes – Mage
#7302 Fixed quest PoI
Dungeons – Blackrock Depths
#2533 Added correct visuals
Eastern Kingdoms – Blasted Lands
#18370 Accepting the quest no longer destroys the quest item
#8539 Accepting the quest no longer destroys the quest item
Eastern Kingdoms – Duskwood
#20130 Fixed quest reward event
Eastern Kingdoms – Twilight Highlands
#4797 Complete quest rework
#4571 Quest has been reworked and fixed
#4796 Complete quest rework
#4573 Quest has been reworked and fixed
Eastern Kingdoms – Western Plaguelands
#18905 Quest chaining corrected
Kalimdor – Southern Barrens
#5421 Added reward event
Northrend – Borean Tundra
#20260 Quest reworked
Northrend – Grizzly Hills
#5606 Fixed despawn of used quest game objects
Northrend – The Storm Peaks
#19724 Plagued Proto-Drake Eggs now correctly despawn
Outland – Shadowmoon Valley
#20804 Quest item can be looted now
Outland – Terokkar Forest
#17335 Complete rework of daily quest
Professions – Jewelcrafting
#20751 Added Titanium Powder repeatable quest to Timothy Jones -> Tiffany Cartier no longer provides Titanium Powder exchange
#18513 Quest has been reworked
#19929 Quest has been reworked
#20842 Lime Thief spawned from Lime Crate is now hostile and has proper abilities
Achievements (2)
#3730 Fog of war over Razorfen Kraul will correctly disappear after discovering the instance entrance
Sad, Happy, Angry and Scared buffs are mutually exclusive now
NPCs (18)
#5488 Some of them now fly in formation
#5488 They have now proper waypoints
#7414 Corrected position and behavior of NPC
Dun Morogh
#20915 Is now spawned and properly working
#6246 Added missing waypoints
#5396 Added missing waypoints
#5396 Added missing spawns
#6369 Has now waypoints
Eversong Woods
#15984 Event with Jessel on Sunstrider Isle reworked
Hellfire Peninsula
#12813 Runetog Wildhammer now correctly acts as Flight Master
#19653 NPC damage correction
#19717 He has now correct waypoints
#20931 Is spawning now
Northern Barrens
#6321 Has now proper emote and summoned explosive sheeps are working
Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave
#20936 They have correctly no loot now
Twilight Highlands
#4540 NPC position and behavior fixed
Multiple Locations
#20895 NPC position fixed
#20585 Corrected NPC position
Items (2)
Players now have a small chance to be transformed into Reindeer or Snowman when they use Egg Nog
#20700 Pile of Candy from Ogre Pinata is now lootable
Objects (1)
#2879 When you go through portal from Stormwind City/Orgrimmar to Vashj’ir, you will be teleported to various locations depending on your Vashj’ir story progression