Apollo II – Free faction change

Dear community

since the release of 4.0.6 on Apollo II, the population is growing steadily, a lot of new players are starting here every day. Unfortunately, a lot of players are only interested in PvE and mainly choose the Horde faction to play, which leaves the Alliance side and especially our PvP’ers a bit unbalanced in terms of the factions.

Many of you have asked already if we can directly interfere here to make the PvP part of the game more appealing to you.

Therefore, we are offering free faction transfers from Horde to Alliance on Apollo II for level 85 characters from now on. This offer will end on Thursday, 27.02.2020.

If you want your character to faction change, you can simply open an ingame ticket.
Make sure that your character is not in any guild, has nothing in the mailbox and has no active auctions. As soon as a GM has flagged your account for a faction change and you are online on that character, you will be informed. If you are offline at that point, you get a game notification in the character selection screen.

Be aware that some achievements and quest progress will be reset (for example Argent Tournament). For more specific info about the faction change effects, you can visit https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/32063.

Apollo Team