Changelog 09.07.2019 – 07.08.2019 (100 fixes)

Dev Requests (1)
#18156 UNIT: Follow Angle (player’s summons) Adjustments to follower’s follow angle
Spells (22)
#412 Empowered Touch will always correctly refresh Lifebloom’s duration
#6375 Flight Form/Swift Flight Form will no longer cancel when you touch water – it will cancel only if you start swimming
#2618 Hunters with active Camouflage can no longer be sapped
#2618 It’s no longer possible to cast Camouflage while standing in enemy Hunter’s Flare
#2618 Fixed two bugs introduced in previous updates – casting Hunter’s Mark won’t break Camouflage, Hunter in Camouflage is again targetable by melee spells
#2592 Roar of Sacrifice will make Lava Burst unable to be a critical strike, even if the target has Flame Shock
Spellstolen Presence of Mind will no longer trigger cooldown when used
#11204 Added missing cap for transferred damage – Hand of Sacrifice can only transfer a maximum of 100% Paladin’s total HP
#11204 Hand of Sacrifice (and other similar spells) can break crowd control auras now
#11204 Hand of Sacrifice’s damage (and damage from other similar auras which split damage) can be absorbed now
#11204 Hand of Sacrifice (and other similar spells) will split self damage (e.g. Watery Entrenchment during Hagara the Stormbinder encounter, Unholy Frenzy, Shadow Word: Death, etc.)
#2902 Fixed a bug which caused friendly Smoke Bomb to disable Spirit Link Totem – only enemy players’ Smoke Bombs should do that
#2902 Immunity spells (e.g. Divine Shield, Ice Block, etc.) can no longer remove Smoke Bomb debuff
#3938 Soul Link will split Hellfire’s self damage between the Warlock and his Demon
#10676 Charge will no longer return “No path available” error when used against a player mounted on a flying mount (only if he’s standing on the ground)
#10676 It is once again possible to charge across ropes in Blade’s Edge Arena
#3552 Slam will no longer do no damage when it finishes its cast while not in melee range
#19199 Fixed Anchor Attack! spell (used by Deepfin Scrounger in Abyssal Depths)
#8275 Fishing channel will no longer cancel itself if you wait too long without clicking fishing bobber after it splashes
#8275 Adjusted timeframes for fishing bobber’s splash – they will be the same as they were during retail Cataclysm
#8275 Catching junk loot has a chance to grant skillup now
#8275 Fixed the order of Fishing errors – “There aren’t any fish here” takes priority over “Water too shallow” now
Dungeons (17)
#13151 The Slave Pens Trash has been reworked
#13271 Throne of the Tides Added missing visuals during cinematic which plays after opening Lady Naz’jar’s door
#13271 Throne of the Tides Neptulon has a proper intro event now
#13271 Throne of the Tides Ozumat will be visible from the elevator room now
#13271 Throne of the Tides Fixed an issue when Unyielding Behemoth was thrown away into the sea by Ozumat
#13271 Throne of the Tides Fixed an issue when players couldn’t attack Faceless Sapper with abilities which require to be behind the target
#13271 Throne of the Tides Mindbender Ghur’sha no longer flies above players heads after releasing from target
#15536 Zul’Farrak Reworked event with Sergeant Bly
#15536 Zul’Farrak Chief Ukorz Sandscalp – boss rework
#15536 Zul’Farrak Ruuzlu – boss rework
#15536 Zul’Farrak Shadowpriest Sezz’ziz – boss rework
#15536 Zul’Farrak Gahz’rilla – boss rework
#15536 Zul’Farrak Hydromancer Velratha – boss rework
#15536 Zul’Farrak Nekrum Gutchewer – boss rework
#15536 Zul’Farrak Witch Doctor Zum’rah – boss rework
#15536 Zul’Farrak Theka the Martyr – boss rework
#15536 Zul’Farrak Antu’sul – boss rework
Mechanics (3)
#1385 DoT/HoT Mechanics Refreshed periodic energize (e.g. Replenishment) and periodic health regen (e.g. Mend Pet) auras will also extend their duration by time remaining to next tick from previous aura
#16668 Guild Invites Proper error message when player is ignoring all guild invitations (interface option)
#16668 Guild Invites Implemented feedback when player declines guild invitation
General (33)
Breath Timer Breath timer should no longer appear while mounted and above water
Breath Timer Major improvements to function which determines when a player is under water – breath timer will appear in different water depths for each race/gender combination now
CollisionHeight Implemented minimum CollisionHeight limit
CollisionHeight Fixed CollisionHeight calculation – it will be correctly modified by player’s and mount’s scale
#14010 Companion – Position Adjustments to companion follow movement and positioning
Critical Strike Chance Talents which reduce the chance to receive melee critical strike (such as Druid’s Thick Hide, Warrior’s Bastion of Defense, etc.) were also incorrectly reducing the chance to receive spell critical strike – this is no longer the case
#16398 Equipment Manager – Empty Slots Server will correctly send empty slots – client should no longer return errors when swapping sets with empty slots
#10907 Global – Pets / Guardians Pets will now keep closer to their target when chasing a player – this should resolve a problem where a pet would sometimes momentarily exit melee range when chasing a player
#10907 Global – Pets / Guardians Pets will no longer try to get behind players/other pets when chasing them, this behavior should happen only against non-player creatures
#10907 Global – Pets / Guardians All pets with the exception of Death Knight’s Risen Ghoul no longer benefit from owner’s % haste mods -> they only benefit from owner’s haste rating now (Risen Ghoul remains unchanged, and still benefits from all owner’s haste mods)
#10907 Global – Pets / Guardians Flying creatures will no longer retain their flying when tamed by a Hunter
#10907 Global – Pets / Guardians Pets’ cooldowns will no longer reset when resummoned inside arena (Hunters can still use more pets of the same kind – each pet stores cooldowns individually)
#10907 Global – Pets / Guardians All pets will be dismissed when entering arena now
Interrupt Flags Correctly reimplemented some interrupt flags
Interrupt Flags Some interrupt flags related fixes
Mounts & water interaction Corrected server-side check for water depth in which some mounts should not be castable
#5514 Mounts – Global Issue Flying mounts are able to smoothly transition from flying to swimming now – you can enter water while flying
Packets Some SMSG_SPELL_START packet fixes
Power Decay Warrior’s Anger Management and Death Knight’s Butchery will now slow down out-of-combat Rage/Runic Power decay
Power Decay Corrected Rage and Runic Power out-of-combat decay – this fixes desynchronization between the server and the client
#12469 Raid/Group UI | Leader/Assist | Role | Loot If a Raid Leader leaves his raid and a new Raid Leader must be chosen, players with Assist rank will take precedence over the rest of raid members
#12469 Raid/Group UI | Leader/Assist | Role | Loot A party/raid will be disbanded if all players in it are offline for some time
#12469 Raid/Group UI | Leader/Assist | Role | Loot Group leader will be automatically passed on to another online player in the group, if the previous group leader is offline for too long
#12469 Raid/Group UI | Leader/Assist | Role | Loot Fixed one member groups – the last player in a group created by Dungeon Finder can see Leave Party button and can use it to leave a group now
#12469 Raid/Group UI | Leader/Assist | Role | Loot Players are no longer instantly removed from a group if they logout
#12469 Raid/Group UI | Leader/Assist | Role | Loot Group rework – Implemented blizzlike player sorting in groups
#12469 Raid/Group UI | Leader/Assist | Role | Loot Main Assist and Main Tank ranks are mutually exclusive now
#12469 Raid/Group UI | Leader/Assist | Role | Loot Server was incorrectly setting Looter GUID when a group was created – this is no longer the case (fixes a visual bug)
Scale Implemented minimum scale limit
Scale Implemented blizzlike stacking rules for scale modifiers
#20536 Swapping sets with Equipment Manager Players will no longer lose +resilience set bonus if they swap one PvP set for another with the same bonus
#20368 T11 HC shoulders and helmets Corrected the cost of Druid’s T11HC shoulders – they should require Vanquisher shoulder token, not Conqueror shoulder token
#20479 Thunder Bluff Elevator Fixed Thunder Bluff’s elevators which started to move sideways after a recent change
PvP (2)
#16073 CC vs Absorbs Crowd-control auras can break from absorbed damage now
#9274 War Games Implemented War Games
Quests (2)
Eastern Kingdoms – Burning Steppes
#20386 Fixed an issue that prevented the mud piles from properly spawning
Outland – Shadowmoon Valley
#20287 Added cooldown to the ability “Tag Greater Felfire Diemetradon”
Achievements (1)
#20350 Matron/Patron titles are gender-based now -> Matron will be awarded to female characters only, while Patron will be awarded to male characters only
NPCs (15)
Dragon Soul
#19824 Degradation in Heroic difficulties will reduce total health by 5% per stack, down from 6% per stack – patch 4.3.2 nerf
#19824 Reduced Burning Tendons’ total health by 15% in 10HC and 25HC difficulties – patch 4.3.2 nerf
#19825 Resolved all problems with Void of the Unmaking’s movement – it should always roll as straight as possible now
#19825 Void of the Unmaking will no longer send “Void of the Unmaking gets absorbed into the Maw of Go’rath” message when it despawns because the encounter ended
#19825 Eye of Go’rath’s Black Blood of Go’rath (heroic) is resistable now
Howling Fjord
#20415 Corrected positions of Decomposing Ghouls – they should no longer appear in upper levels of Utgarde Catacombs
Molten Front
#20381 Quests Wicked Webs and Egg-stinction are no longer mutually exclusive and both can be accepted at the same time
Unknown Location
#14192 Fixed an issue that caused players to still get damaged by Firestorm while hidden behind a meteor
#19826 Fixed Thrall’s orientation during the encounter’s outro event – he should now fire Dragon Soul directly at Deathwing
#19964 Gift of Life, Essence of Dreams and Source of Magic are once again clickable by players with healing specializations only
#19964 Non-tank players who received Fading Light will be protected from receiving Fading Light again in the next Fading Light wave (it should not be possible to receive Fading Light two times in a row)
#19964 Thrall’s Last Defender of Azeroth will only affect players with tank specialization (visual fix – tanks should be bigger than other players)
#19964 Fixed Ultraxion’s visual – Ultraxion will always appear transparent in Normal realm during the encounter, and will change back to normal immediately upon entering Twilight realm
#19964 Corrected Fading Light durations on all difficulties – Ultraxion will no longer sometimes refresh Fading Light debuffs before they expire
#19964 Fading Light will no longer cause client to crash
Items (2)
#12938 Now has proper quotes, is moving under ground and is killing other critters
#15638 Moonkin Hatchling now flies, dances and plants flowers
Objects (2)
#14458 Mining nodes will spawn properly now
#10270 Pool of Blood should always correctly spawn on water’s surface – correction after recent interrupt flag change