Changelog 13.04.2019 – 09.05.2019 (61 fixes)

Dev Requests (2)
#19758 Automatic Announcement for 3v3 Tournament Enabled 3v3 event announcements for Apollo
#20279 Flying vs. Crowd Control Correctly implemented immunity to crowd-control while flying
Spells (35)
Death Knight
#15738 Smoldering Rune will be removed if the Death Knight loses T12 2p set bonus
#6375 Corrected Flight Form’s model for Worgen Druids
#6375 Fixed Swift Flight Form’s tooltip – it will correctly show either 280% or 310% increase in movement speed, based on caster’s riding skill
#6375 Swift Flight Form will properly replace Flight Form on the stance bar after it’s learned
#6375 Swift Flight Form requires Artisan Riding skill before it can be trained now
#11198 Affected targets now get properly prevented from moving
#3809 Fixed an issue with Lock and Load not proccing properly
#3052 It’s no longer possible to teleport from the lower level of Dalaran Arena to the platform when using Blink while jumping
#3052 Blink will properly teleport on uneven surfaces, and will no longer fail unless the height difference is too big
#3052 Fixed Blink’s behavior while flying (Al’Akir, Alysrazor)
#3052 Fixed Blink’s behavior while falling – it will only teleport to the ground if you are near enough
#3052 Fixed Blink’s behavior while swimming
#3052 Fixed Blink’s teleport distance – it was 1.5yd shorter
#394 Corrected Polymorph’s regeneration amount and tick rate
#2293 Added some missing spells and corrected data for Ring of Frost
#2293 Ring of Frost will correctly share diminishing returns with Deep Freeze
#2293 Ring of Frost cast events will no longer spam combatlog
#2293 Ring of Frost will be inactive while the Mage is crowd-controlled
#2293 Ring of Frost will no longer break instantly, added damage threshold
#2334 Offensive dispels will prioritize Mind Control aura now
#2334 Mind Control can be interrupted by enemy targets by dispelling the charmed unit now, and it’s no longer possible to interrupt Mind Control by dispelling its caster
#2334 Friendly units can no longer interrupt Mind Control by dispelling the caster or the target
#2334 Mind Controlled NPCs will no longer evade after Mind Control ends
#2334 It is possible for Mind Control’s caster to cancel Mind Control by casting a different spell, using /stopcasting, or hitting Esc button now
#2334 Mind Control will break if the charmed unit gets too far from the caster
#2334 Mind Controlling a target with active CC (Polymorph, Fear, …) will no longer make the caster unable to move with the charmed unit
#2334 Mind Control is usable on mounted targets now
#2334 Mind Control will no longer apply diminishing returns to its caster
#2334 Mind Control is usable while having Shadowfiend summoned now, but it will cause Shadowfiend to despawn once the channel starts
#20177 Power Infusion’s spell casting speed effect will no longer stack with auras like Bloodlust, Heroism, Time Warp and Ancient Hysteria (only the more powerful spell casting speed effect will be active)
#20177 Priest’s Power Infusion and Mage’s Arcane Power will no longer stack (casting Arcane Power will remove Power Infusion, and vice versa)
#14641 Rooted NPCs will correctly return to their original orientation after Distract effect ends
#14641 Distract will no longer interrupt enemy casting
#3117 Fixed Honor Among Thieves’ Combo Point gain if there are more Subtlety Rogues with this talent in one party/raid
#16060 Activating stealth now gives short window of immunity from incoming projectiles that would break stealth
Dungeons (9)
#10691 Dire Maul Hydrospawn – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Zevrim Thornhoof – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Lethtendris – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Alzzin the Wildshaper – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Immol’thar – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Magister Kalendris – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Illyanna Ravenoak – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Tendris Warpwood – boss rework
#10691 Dire Maul Added event after completing quest The Madness Within
General (5)
#20320 Complaint Fixed issue which caused unexpected disconnects
#19522 Fiona’s Caravan Travel Bug Fixed an issue with getting fall damage
Interrupt Flags Implemented three new aura interrupt flags
#20291 Quest: experience in dialog windows Dialog windows will properly show XP reward after applying all player’s XP mods
#3281 Raid Markers Fixed an issue with /cwm command
Quests (9)
Classes – Rogue
#20326 Added quest POIs on the worldmap of Orgrimmar
Eastern Kingdoms – Eastern Plaguelands
#8276 Improved waypoints for Duskwing and Quest item now works from greater range
#19552 Quest item can be now used from anywhere in the world
Eastern Kingdoms – Isle of Quel\’Danas
#14772 Adjusted Waypoints for Dawnblade Reservist
#14772 Added Missing Visuals
Eastern Kingdoms – Westfall
#20289 The quest can be now completed inside Deadmines
Northrend – Zul\’Drak
#4705 Other mammoths are friendly while riding on one and mammoth is correctly despawned after leaving vehicle
Outland – Blade\’s Edge Mountains
#8706 All Fel Crystal Prisms should work properly now
Raids – Icecrown Citadel
#8794 Added reward event
Items (1)
#17802 Tentacles of the Old Ones will not have a chance to spawn from Paladin’s Seal of Righteousness and Hand of Light (Retribution mastery)