Apollo opening celebration

Dear community.

On the 24th of April, Apollo saw the light of WoW private server scene for the first time after the merge of Hades and Artemis. Players from both realms got their in-game situation improved by a lot, capital cities Stormwind and Orgrimmar are full of people, auctions are overflowing with goods, instant BGs, arenas and DF queues. This feat is something that deserves a little bit of celebration!
On the 1st of May we will host a 2 weeks long event with three times increased experience gain! If you ever wanted to play Cataclysm but were tired of leveling, this is your chance! The opportunity to join the biggest and the best-scripted Cataclysm project is something that no true fan of the Cataclysm expansion should miss!

Many of you enjoyed leveling via Battlegrounds at Hades release. With the amount of active players that currently plays on our project, it’s possible that you will be able to partially re-live this experience.

If you want to thoroughly enjoy the leveling path, try out as many quests as possible or just simply level without the bonus, you can put your experience gain back to blizzlike with the ingame command “.mod xp 1”. Keep in mind that you need to do this every time you log in, though!

We look forward to seeing you in Azeroth!

Apollo Team