Cross-faction Interactions and Other Updates

Dear players,

we hope you are having a great time on our realms. We are excited to announce that tomorrow’s restart will bring a multitude of new changes and updates to Apollo.

In our continuous efforts to enhance your gaming experience, we are committed to providing regular and frequent updates moving forward. Here’s a summary of what you can expect in the upcoming restart:

  • Introducing cross-faction interaction: You will now be able to chat, group up, join guilds, trade, form arena teams, and add friends from different factions.
  • Transmogrification option: the Twinstar NPC in the capital cities will now offer the option to transmog your gear even beyond standard transmogrification options, allowing you to customize your appearance even more.
  • Improved gameplay mechanics: In order to further enhance the PvP experience, spell cooldowns will now be reset in duels and boss encounters.
  • Additionally, our dedicated developers have rewritten several backend systems, including powers and regeneration, haste, cooldowns, and various spell systems. These changes will ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience for all.

As always, we encourage you to watch for any new issues and report them!

Lastly, for all the event enthusiasts out there, we have great news for you. As a token of our appreciation for your participation and interest, stars will now be available as an alternative reward from events instead of gold.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy these exciting updates!

Best regards,

Apollo Team