Miss Apollo, round 2

Dear players!

After a brief delay, we return back with the second round of Miss Apollo. In the first round in January, you had a chance to present everyone your equipment, and we judged its appearance. A staggering number of you, 73 characters from both realms, attended the first round, from which we had to select the top 10 of each faction and realm. The winners on Apollo 1 from the Alliance were Marrio, Greghouse, Skarleet, Luiigii, Haxvayne, Insane, Andrejambush, Unclebilly, Soulline, and Bubblehoe, while the winners from the Horde were Galakra, Sabi, Larfleeze, Baleri, Dugron, Samaes, Ezi, Bliddo, Zerthix, and Dablikus. The winners on Apollo 2 were Cricux, Mohito, Rousi, Mehaga, Loee, Atheena, Bimo, Byarke, Irandiel, and Chopachopz from the Alliance, and Dejd, Goa, Anshal, Bixx, Zulza, Icerain, Skarleet, Chillbro, Aurumnar, and Ldg from the Horde. Thank you to everyone who participated in the first round, and if you didn’t win or missed the competition, we wish you good luck next year.

As for the second round, it will be you, our community, who will select the best of the participants, by giving votes to each one of them. The voting takes place on our Discord server, so if you are not there yet, here you can find instructions on how to join. Once connected, you’ll find the channel #contest in the channel list, where the images of all contestants have been uploaded, and you can vote for any number of them. Voting will be closed by the end of March, when your votes will be sorted and we will announce the final winners of the whole competition.

May the best win!

Apollo Team