Blackwing Descent May Update

Greeting Apollo players,

It’s been a long time since we had an update post about the state of the server, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t busy. We put a lot of effort into fixing issues that have been reported to the bugtracker and it took some time for the major ones.
On our list Blackwing Descent always had a high priority and with the last update we can finally put a check mark on that.
This is just one of the first things we would like to update you on, as we would be posting more in the following days.

What’s changed?

  • Raid wide changes : corrected model data, attack timers and many other minor things for most creatures in Blackwing Descent.
  • Omnotron Defense System : Reworked Poison Bombs – almost a complete script redesign.
  • Atramedes : major bugs have been resolved, and everything should be working correctly.
  • Maloriak : corrected and reworked Aberations.
  • Nefarian : Onyxia’s Lightning Discharge will now correctly update , Onyxia and Nefarian will no longer sometimes parry attacks from behind.

Spells with position requirement such as Backstab will no longer fail even when standing behind Onyxia/Nefarian.
We will also have some big updates soon, so don’t forget to check out Apollo in the near future!

Apollo Team