Info prior to Cataclysm content

Dear players,

before we get to the main point, we shall answer one frequent question.
Will Justice or Honor points be deleted or reset or converted prior to Cataclysm content launch on the 7th dec?
Answer: no, it wont!

Now the main point of this news, one important word – STABILITY

As well as you, we the Hades team are also aware of importance of server’s stability. Nobody is happy when server is crashing.
We are doing our best for your gameplay to not be interrupted by any means.

The problems from recent days has been resolved and now Hades has been stable for almost 24 hours already.
We believe that the stability will eventually return to the state on which our players are accustomed to, where crashes are very rare.

Apart from stability issues, we are also solving other game related problems.

We finished fixing fishing events, namely Kalu’ak Fishing Derby in Dalaran and Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza in Booty Bay.
Unfortunately, there is a need for deleting already gained rewards and achievements from these events that some players got during their first run.

The pooling system of veins also got some care and based on your comments, we increased the number of active spawn points by 2x.

All of this will be applied during next server update.

We are also continuously working on other issues you have reported in our bugtracker.

Thank you for your support.

Hades team

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