Alliance Bonuses, Guild Renames, and More

Dear players,

while the commotion from today’s merge has already settled and everything has returned back to normal for you and for us, there are still some exciting changes we would like to announce, which will come into effect tomorrow morning:

  • The bonuses for Alliance players are returning, due to the imbalance created as a result of the merge. Alliance players will enjoy 2x profession and reputation gain, and +50 % increased Justice and Honor Points gain. In addition, there will be free faction change for Horde players and guilds, in the same manner as it was on Apollo III ‒ our custom faction changer NPC will return to Orgrimmar, allowing you to flag your character for faction change, and you can contact a Head Game Master on Discord if you want to move a guild to Alliance.
  • Guild rename requests are once again accepted! If you are a guild master and want to change the name of your guild, we will offer this service for 350 ⭐, this time through the #ticket-submit channel on Discord and available indefinitely!
  • The original MoP PTR realm database is returning, as the conversion testing is over. Thank you to all testers for your help!

Enjoy and stay tuned for more news to come!

Apollo Team