News about our projects

Dear players!

We would like to bring you some more exciting news regarding our projects:

Mists of Pandaria

The work on the next expansion has proceeded to the point that we feel confident that we can advance to the next stage. We would therefore like to announce that in about a month from now, in the second half of September, public MoP testing will begin on our new open PTR realm!

There are yet many things before us on the road to perfection, but we guarantee you that the final Mists of Pandaria experience will be unlike anything else you may have seen elsewhere. We now feel it is the right time to give you the opportunity to show which issues are the most important to you, so that all can be ready for a smooth launch.

We will share the necessary information concerning the new PTR, as well as disclose some of the features we have been working on, in our next MoP Devblog post.

Apollo I

After considering the results of the poll from our previous update, where the majority of you has voted for 3x rates like on Apollo II, we have decided to make this change on Apollo I as well.

Starting from the 23rd of August, 00:00, the experience rate will be increased to 3x, with the option to switch to a lower rate using the .mod xp command (example: .mod xp 1 for blizzlike).

We will try as best as we can to improve the population on Apollo I, and will look into further possibilities before the realms are merged.

Apollo II

As a part of our effort to improve the faction balance on Apollo II, we have been offering free faction changes to level 85 characters from Horde to Alliance. This could be requested via an in-game ticket, and requires leaving your guild and arena teams, as well as clearing your mailbox and active auctions.

We would like to inform you that this free offer will end on the 25th of August, 23:59, server-time, so if you are interested, make sure to submit the ticket and request the transfer. Please also note that during a faction change, any quest progress will reset, and faction-specific quests and achievements will not be converted to the new faction.

We may repeat this offer in the future for a limited time, depending on our observations.

We hope these updates to your liking, and we will continue to provide you with more exciting stuff.

Have fun!
Apollo Team