We want you!

Dear community,

as you might know, we plan to progress into MoP with Apollo in the future.
Although this step is still far away, we want to make early preparations to make sure that we can transition smoothly.

Unfortunately progressing into a new expansion is not as easy as one might think and a lot of things have to be done. One of the main and very important tasks is to work hand in hand with our developers to test, research and document everything we are implementing.

For this job we are looking for dedicated Testers.

If you want to be one of the first to step into our world of MoP, have a major impact on making this world ready for the player base, don’t wait any longer, apply today!

Besides that we are also in need of new Game Masters. As a GM you are responsible for a lot of different tasks. This can vary from assisting players with ingame problems, investigating players that break our rules, up to nailing down a complex network of a gold seller business.

You can find more information about our recruitment here:

We are looking forward to the future cooperation.
Apollo Team