Community management – Q&A #3

Dear community,

Here’s another Q&A article that was made based on your feedback.
With this we answer your frequently asked questions and inform you about the news.

MoP development – the development of the new expansion pack continues every day. Once it is ready for the first wave of players, it will launch on the MoP PTR, which will be open for testing and further development. I can’t post more information for you now, but I will keep you informed about further developments as soon as possible.

Faction balance on Apollo 2 – due to faction balance issues, players are allowed to change their faction in the direction of Horde -> Alliance for a limited time period. You must request a faction change via the ingame ticket. Only Head GM and Administrator can make this change. An ordinary GM cannot resolve this request, so it is unnecessary to contact them directly with such requests.

Changing the registration e-mail – Currently the registration e-mail cannot be changed. We are working on solving this, but unfortunately we do not know any deadline as to when it will be possible. We are monitoring the situation and will inform you about further developments.
If you are an owner of a registration e-mail that has been canceled by your provider for some reason, I recommend sending an e-mail requesting a change to the e-mail address to our Co-Admin – Jeniczek. You can find the contact as usual on the Apollo website.

3v3 event statistics – In the past, 3v3 event winner statistics were published on our Discord. Due to a large number of complaints about regular 3v3 event results because of spamming, we have decided to stop making these notifications.

Introducing new PvP events – no new PvP events will be added to Cataclysm realms. If there is more interest in the current 3v3 event, we can increase its frequency from 1 per week to 2 per week. Other PvP events will only be considered as part of the MoP development. This also applies to the solo queue arena function. This is because there is a lot of work to do for developing MoP and we would rather focus on addressing more pressing issues on the current Cataclysm realms.

Current Madness bug (Apollo 1) – we have not managed to identify the bug yet. To fix this problem, it is necessary to figure out the precise cause of the bug. We are happy for all your feedback. Please report everything to this issue on our bug report –

Extending the donate shop with new items – I would like to inform you that we are currently starting to put together a list of new items that could be added to the donate shop. Once we have a final list that will be agreed upon, you will be informed in advance of introducing the new items to the donate shop.

Items from the Raid Finder – Currently we cannot make these items available to you. It is not yet decided for what purposes they would be used. If we make them available to you for the purposes of transmog, you will be informed in advance.

Issue with Error 134/132 – We recommend using our verified full client, which you can download from the Apollo website.
Be aware that this problem may not have a single cause, as there may be more. In most cases, installing a new client will help you, but your problem may be caused by, among other things, outdated drivers, your graphic settings, antivirus, or a firewall.
For more information, please refer to the error number and the error details.

Issue with “Cannot stream required archive data” – On our Discord channel #support you will find instructions and a file to download. It may solve the problem. We’re unable to provide you with more information about this issue. We recommend that you search the Internet for more troubleshooting options.

Access to Twilight Highlands – Since December 15, 2019, we have made available a completely redesigned zone where the Loremaster achievement can be obtained.
It was preceded by many hours of gathering relevant information, reworking many mechanics and, ultimately, a lot of hours spent on the test realm, where we tried to improve every single detail. I would like to thank you all for your patience, and I wish you a lot of fun.

Interviews with players – we are one big community that consists of many interesting people. Soon you can look forward to the first interview, which is already prepared for you. If you have an idea who to interview, you can let me know about it in the CM form.

Apollo Team – Recruitment of new members is always open. There are Game Master, Tester and Developer positions. Likewise, we would welcome reinforcements in Community Management :) Recruitment will be open soon.

Community Management is always open to your suggestions and comments via our form.

Thank you for your support and have a lot of fun!

Gomeisa, Apollo Community Management.