Miss Apollo, round 2

Dear players!

On January 11, the first round of Miss Apollo took place, where you had a chance to present everyone your equipment, and we judged its appearance. In total, 52 characters attended the first round, from which we had to select the top 10 of each faction. From the Horde advanced Trollmix, Mescalin, Kattepus, Ezi, Haam, Vendetius, Qoony, Drakhan, Corpsemaker, and Tsuru, while from the Alliance we selected Dukleihenik, Slagtet, Amaretta, Pancakez, Werrna, Toxxine, Highparadise, Bimbuchmage, Exalted, and Paxina. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the first round because even though only a few participants could advance, in many cases it was really narrow. Thank you!

For the second round, we decided to leave the selection of the best to our community. Only you can decide with your vote who will be the winner of the competition. The voting takes place on our Discord, so if you are not there yet, here you can find instructions on how to join. Once connected, you’ll find the channel #contest in the channel list, where the images of all contestants have been uploaded, and you can vote for any number of them. Voting will be closed after a week, on Saturday, February 1 at 14:00, when your votes will be sorted and we will announce the winners of the competition.

May the best win!
Apollo Team