Reworked Account Manager ‒ Closed Beta

Dear players,

while it may seem for the past few weeks that not much has been going on, quite the opposite is true! Since a few months ago, we have been working on something that has remained a well-kept secret outside of our team, but this secret will be kept no longer. Today is finally the right time to reveal what we have been working on this whole time.

The new account manager.

Why, you ask? There are a few reasons which can be summed up by one primary cause: our current account manager is ancient. As we have progressed throughout the expansions and launched new realms or merged the old ones, this whole time our players have been greeted by the same, old, account manager. This has posed numerous issues for us, such as the difficulty of updating sections of the manager with new information or features, and integrating it with the rest of our services, but also for you, due to the old and cumbersome design, hard navigation, and lack of additional translations.

We’ve had enough, and that’s why we made a new one. We are now at a point where we can show you the result, and the improvement is obvious.

When, you ask? We do not know yet the precise date, but it is steadily coming! In fact, we are launching the closed beta in the upcoming days for a few privileged ones of you, in hope that you are willing to help us by finding bugs or sharing suggestions, and perhaps be rewarded in return.

Who qualifies for the testing?

  • The top 200 contributors to our bugtracker.
  • Select individuals who have helped us in the past.
  • People on our Discord server who are either our present or future Nitro Boosters, or those have been boosting in the past for at least 5 weeks, and randomly chosen 10 % of users who react under the announcement there.

How to start testing?

If you are selected, you will be sent details how to access the new manager. Please note that the account manager operates on a copy of the account database and is linked only to our PTR servers, so no harm will come to your account or to our database if you manage to break something. Your test accounts will be automatically given 1 million stars.

Please post all bugs, suggestions or observations that you get via this form. Based on the quality of your contributions, we will give you a reward in stars, this time usable in your normal account.

There are a lot more things we would love to tell you about, but we shall leave them for the future. 😉

Happy testing!

Apollo Team