Apollo III – Measures to improve faction balance

Dear players,

we always work hard to make sure that our players enjoy their time on our servers as much as possible. Unfortunately, the situation about the faction imbalance is not getting better, despite our previous effors. We have therefore decided to implement additional measures to improve the situation, to mitigate the impact of the imbalance for Alliance players and to make picking Alliance more attractive.

Starting from Sunday, April 3, the following changes will be applied to the realm, only for Alliance players:

  • 2x profession gain.
  • 2x reputation gain.
  • +50 % increased Justice Points gain from PvE.
  • +50 % increased Honor Points gain from PvP.

Our Head Game Masters will also provide free guild transfer to Alliance for Horde guilds masters, so that you don’t have to form a new guild. Lastly, the Alliance and Horde auctions will be merged into one crossfaction auction house to improve the economy.

All you need to transfer your character to Alliance for free is to talk to our custom faction changer NPC in Orgrimmar.

Please note that these changes are by no means permanent or final, and we will be considering additional modifications based on the situation. Nevertheless, whether the situation improves or not depends solely on you, but, hopefully, now the incentive will be greater.

Apollo Team