Apollo III – The experience so far

Dear players,

we are glad that you enjoy playing on our server, and we will try our best not to disappoint you. In total, you have played over 1,500,957 hours on your 74,459 characters, out of which more than 10,855 have already reached level 85. These numbers are really impressive and all thanks to you! It is unbelievable that we are reaching such numbers only after almost 4 weeks of existence.

For these past weeks, we have been through many serious situations, caused mostly by our unreadiness for such a staggering amount of your interest. Nevertheless, we really appreciate it and we come out of it better and more prepared for the future. The server is now more than stable, having 7 days of uninterrupted uptime until today. Hopefully, most of the network problems are now sorted as well.

As we have promised, we will bring you soon the rewards poll for the compensation for the recent network outages. We are also pleased to inform you that crossfaction BGs are now successfully in the internal test stage and we will make the test public in the upcoming days.

Once again we would like to thank you for the tremendous support and trust you put in our project.

Apollo Team