What’s next for our realms

Dear players,

we have received questions from you regarding the state of our current Cataclysm realms and their future, and most of you might already expect what will be coming next: the merge.

After almost two years of its existence, we now feel that Apollo II has more or less finished its progression, and therefore reuniting the two communities will be beneficial to both of them.

On 17th of November 2021, Apollo I and Apollo II will be merged into a single realm. There are many things that will accompany this undertaking, including the end of the PvP seasons, the resolution of potential name collisions and so on. We will provide you with more details in the upcoming weeks.


With Mists of Pandaria still on the distant horizon, we want to make sure that there is still something to do on Apollo for all of you, including those progression-oriented. What is this going to be, you ask? One word: fresh.

We can now share with you that we have started preparing a fresh Cataclysm realm to keep you busy in the upcoming future, and we also know the date of its launch: 12th of December 2021.

Apollo Team