Apollo I – Season Rewards

Dear players,

last week, the gates of ranked battlegrounds and arenas were closed, and all fighting has come to an end. Tomorrow, the clash of swords and axes shall once again resume with the start of the new season, but before that, we have to evaluate the previous season and announce its winners!

The winner of 3v3 is the team jeriichoo. This team consists of players:

These players will be awarded the title “Cataclysmic Gladiator”.

Aside from the title rewards, players who will be awarded with Gladiator or Season Gladiator title will also obtain a special permanent mount “Vengeful Nether Drake”.

We would also like to announce the top 5 players from each faction in rated battlegrounds. All these 10 players are awarded the title “Hero of the Horde” / “Hero of the Alliance”.

The best players in rated battlegrounds are:


  1. Ghoustraider
  2. Ajdi
  3. Monsinore
  4. Zafii
  5. Roobeqt


  1. Alan
  2. Salians
  3. Ubbyk
  4. Drejp
  5. Abegail

Congratulations to all the winners!

The rewards for this season will be distributed at the start of the new PvP season.

Questions and complaints for this season’s evaluation are accepted starting from the 16th of June via in-game tickets. Complaints will only be accepted until the 23rd of June.

The new season will start on Wednesday 16.06.2021 at 9:00 CET. The rewards for that PvP season will be the same as for the previous season.