We are looking for Community Managers

Dear community,

As the workload of the Apollo team grows with our projects, we have decided to expand the Community Management team with new members.

We offer:
– Membership in the TwinStar team.
– Participating in the development of our projects.
– Producing editorial and PR work for our projects.
– Possibility to exercise your creative talents.
– Being part of team activities and teambuilding events.

We require:
– Minimum age of 18.
– General knowledge of the game and affairs on TwinStar projects.
– Willingness and ability to work both in a team and independently.
– Psychological resilience and ability to deal with players.
– Very good knowledge of English or English & Czech (or Slovak) languages.

Useful skills:
– At least user knowledge of bitmap graphics, video creation and editing (Photoshop, After Effects, Vegas Pro and so on).
– Knowledge of technical aspects of the game and TwinStar services.
– Knowledge of using Discord.
– Managerial and organizational skills.

The usual job of CMs is primarily communication with the community and processing information from other teams of the project.
Further responsibilities will depend on the specific abilities and skills of a CM (indicate your preferences in the application).

For example:
– Organizing events and competitions for players.
– Writing and translating articles.
– Creating graphics and videos.
– Social network management.
– Moderating Discord and forum.

Recruitment and application information:
Applicants will go through 3 rounds in the selection procedure.
1st round – Selection of candidates based on their applications (CV) – if you have experience with editorial activities, events, PR, or graphics, include samples of your work. The form of the application is not specified, but keep in mind that the application you submit has a significant impact on the selection procedure in the first round.
2nd round – Selected candidates will be given a creative task according to their specialization.
3rd round – A voice interview, which will take place on our Discord.

Send the application form (CV) to:
[CZ] Gomeisa(at)twinstar.cz / [EN] Lidansa(at)twinstar.cz

Apollo Community Management.