Facing & Angle Changes

In the last update (2019-10-07), we have changed the “facing and angle” effect. If you find the behaviour of your character unusual, it is very likely that you have encountered one of these changes.

In case two players, or a player and an NPC, when they are close to each other, within each other, the server stops checking the facing & angle effect for them. What does it mean in practice?

  • Auto-attack or spells that need a target in the front cone (facing towards the target) proceed/can be casted even if the target is behind the attacker/caster.
  • Cone spells always hit the target, even if it doesn’t stand in their set target angle. These are the spells that require specific relative position to the opposing player/hostile NPC.
  • Normally a player cannot parry, dodge, or block attacks from behind. An NPC cannot parry and block attacks from behind. Currently, if the attacker and target are close to each other , they can both parry, dodge and block attacks from behind.

These changes will largely affect PvP players during attacks in short or middle ranges, when various spell errors could happen, e.g. in situations when they might not have hit when using cone spells, or in case of errors messages that the target is not in front of the player.
The response time of individual spells has increased thanks to these changes.
In PvE, these changes will also be visible. For example, the masks in Zul’Gurub cannot be evaded, without them hitting you.

Apollo team