Changelog 09.05.2019 – 03.06.2019 (68 fixes)

Spells (19)
Death Knight
#9706 Reverted an old change which made Unholy Frenzy not stack with Bloodlust-like effects
#20373 Wild Mushrooms will now use correct invisibility spell
#20373 Corrected some NPC data, Wild Mushrooms should no longer be hostile to their owner in free-for-all PvP area
#1638 Templar’s Verdict will not consume Divine Purpose if it doesn’t hit
#11106 Eternal Glory will no longer cause visual bugs when it procs (it was showing that you gained more Holy Power than you had before casting Word of Glory)
#2922 If Shadowy Apparations lose their target, they will now follow the Priest until they despawn (they will no longer engage another target, or despawn immediately)
#2922 Corrected some data, Shadowy Apparations have correct movement speed now
#2922 Shadowy Apparations will inherit Shadow Priest’s spell penetration
#2922 Shadowy Apparations are targetable now and can be killed, AoE spells will ignore them
#2922 Shadowy Apparation’s damage will be increased by Shadow Priest’s damage modifiers
#2902 Most of creature spells used in raid instances will now ignore Smoke Bomb (but there are still some spells that can be prevented by using Smoke Bomb, for example Ice Lances during Hagara the Stormbinder encounter)
#2902 Placing Smoke Bomb will now force ranged NPCs to come closer
#2902 Smoke Bomb will disable Spirit Link Totem’s health redistribution effect, and Spirit Link Totem will not target players with Smoke Bomb debuff
#2902 It’s no longer possible to cast spells from one Rogue’s Smoke Bomb to a different Rogue’s Smoke Bomb
#2902 If the Rogue has more Smoke Bombs active at once, all of them will apply Smoke Bomb debuff now
#10460 Added a missing Hex linked spell
#2522 Spirit Link Totem will no longer redistribute health of players who are not in its line of sight
#2522 Spirit Link Totem will correctly redistribute health of players affected by Druid’s Cyclone
#16660 Shield Block will properly increase critical block chance if the total avoidance exceeds 100%
Dungeons (21)
#9084 Black Temple Trash – Angered Soul Fragment corrected visual, Black Temple Captives no longer leave their cages
#10691 Dire Maul Tribute Run (Gordok Tribute) is now properly implemented
#14505 Maraudon Princess Theradras – Reworked
#14505 Maraudon Rotgrip – Reworked
#14505 Maraudon Landslide – Reworked
#14505 Maraudon Celebras the Cursed – Reworked
#14505 Maraudon Lord Vyletongue – Reworked
#14505 Maraudon Tinkerer Gizlock – Reworked
#14505 Maraudon Razorlash – Reworked
#14505 Maraudon Noxxion – Reworked
#14505 Maraudon Trash – reworked formations
#14505 Maraudon Trash – reworked waypoints
#14505 Maraudon Trash – reworked spawns
#7713 The Deadmines Trash – Defias Reaper will now properly disable their AI when a player mounts them
#7713 The Deadmines Glubtok – Fire Wall now properly hits players, and will no longer oneshot players after boss dies
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Bloodlord Mandokir – Added missing voice line on getting a Level Up stack
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Bloodlord Mandokir – Boss should no longer get stuck in passive mode
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Trash – Venomtip Needler – Added visual
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Trash – Tiki Lord Mu’Loa – Fixed corpse visual
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Trash – Tiki Lord Mu’Loa – Tiki Torch is now debuff instead of buff
#14344 [4.1] Zul’Gurub Achievement – Here, Kitty Kitty… – Can no longer be completed on already dead cats
Mechanics (3)
#20024 Breakable Crowd Control All crowd control auras breakable by damage now have a short protection from breaking right after applying
#11094 Holy Power vs. Miss/Dodge/Parry Immune and Evade hit results of Holy Power spenders will also not consume Holy Power
#7839 Random Dungeon Finder Wait times are now showing correctly for all random dungeons
General (12)
Evade Creatures now properly remove players from their threat list if the player leaves their visibility range
Food & Drink Animations Correctly implemented sending spell visual kits while eating/drinking
#19487 Global – Combat Log Fixed some packets related to SPELL_AURA_DAMAGE_SHIELD
#19524 Global – Guild Emblem Added visual flags to Guild Page and Guild Herald pets
#19524 Global – Guild Emblem All guild related creatures and objects (banners, standards, guild chest and cauldrons) now show summoning player’s guild crest
Heartbeat Resistance Implemented Heartbeat Resist – creatures have a chance to break out of crowd control now, based on your miss chance
#11200 HoT Threat generace Healing Over Time spells will generate threat only if their caster is already on creature’s threat list (they will no longer put you in combat the moment they tick, if you apply them before entering combat)
#20363 Mob Pathing on Ramps Fixed creature pathfinding on uneven terrains (for example Spine of Deathwing, ramps in Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman, etc.)
#20348 Mounting interrupt on flying ships Fixed an issue where changing direction of character on flying vehicles interrupted mount casting
#11030 Quest Money Reward Fixed money reward calculation for level scaling quests (e.g. Cooking and Fishing profession quests)
#11030 Quest Money Reward Corrected max level money rewards for all quests in the game
Ranged Leeway Implemented leeway for ranged attacks
PvP (1)
#19650 Mage can’t hit Rogue with Blast Wave, Freeze Nova, etc. AoE spells will ignore PvP status in duels (AoE spells were not targeting players with disabled PvP)
Quests (2)
Eastern Kingdoms – Hillsbrad Foothills
#20339 Quest rework and added way points for quest ender
The Maelstrom – Deepholm
#4469 Earthmender Norsala now properly assists in the fight
NPCs (6)
Dragon Soul
#19819 Ice Lances will periodically try to cast Ice Lance channel until it succeeds (this fixes a bug where they would do nothing if their channel got interrupted by immunity spells like Divine Shield)
#19824 Fixed exploit, AoE spells will no longer hit Deathwing
#20090 Fixed their inability to move sometimes
Molten Front
Added immunities, this should resolve an issue where the event during the quest Into the Depths became stuck
Removed loot
Unknown Location
#19826 Players can no longer prevent Blistering Tentacles from spawning by using Smoke Bomb on Arm/Wing Tentacle
Items (4)
#3776 Potion no longer causes disconnects from server
#20351 Added to PvP vendors
#10687 Item can now be used properly
#8801 Text when tossing the seal is now shown correctly