Last info before Hades release

Dear players,

in a few hours we’ll open our Cataclysm realm Hades. Before launch, we want remind you of some important things.

The exact time of launch is 18:00 GMT+1


Instructions for how to connect to Hades are on our website.
Make sure you select correct realm in realm list. You can check it from character selection screen by clicking “Change Realm” in upper right corner.

Select Hades (not Artemis nor Cata PTR).

Hades is an international realm so it’s neccessary to use english in public channels. Using other languages can result in mute.
Adherence to our rules and overall good behavior should spare you from such punishments.

In case you encounter a problem during your gameplay,  which won’t be just personal one but global, please report it on our bugtracker.
How to properly report issues is written HERE.
General rule is “The server is only as good as your reports“.

Now you only need to wait those few moments, prepare everything, and let’s play 🙂

Please visit us at:
Hades Web:
Hades Facebook:
Hades Discord:

Hades team