Developer update #3

Dear players,

Monday is usually a day when we are making updates on Hades, so all fixes are applied. Here we bring you a list of some important and interesting fixes applied today.

Recently we started rewriting the transport system.
Basic examples of transports include elevators, ships (like in Strand of the Ancients), the Mimiron tram in Ulduar and the most difficult one, the elevator in Nefarian encounter in Blackwing Descent.
The basic function of transports is obviously to transport players, NPCs and objects. Everything becomes more difficult when there are multiple players on a single transport. It’s important that all players see smooth transitions in the movement of other objects on that transport so there’s no stuttering, falling, levitating or similar issues.
An example could be the above mentioned ship in SotA. All movement is now synchronised and nothing visually stays behind the ship.
Most of these cases were already fixed with today’s server update and the rest will follow.
Especially in the Nefarian encounter is this mechanic essential and so maximum effort is put into it (already being tested on PTR).

Of course we are not working only on transports.
The last update brought fixes for spells like Devouring Plague, Improved Devouring Plague, Colossus Smash and Flametongue Weapon.

XP gain calculations have been reworked, so has low-level regeneration of HP and Mana.

Other than a few quests, Grizzly Hills zone has also been completely reworked. We are still doing some final tests and will give you the percentage of fixed quests later.
Now only Twilight Highlands remains to be reworked and it’s already in progress.

We are still trying to make your game experience better as much as we are able to and we thank all of you who are helping us in this effort by reporting issues on our bugtracker.

Hades team

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