Important questions answered

Dear players,

Today we bring you answers to many questions about our Hades project.

The most frequent questions are related to the exact timing of realm launch.
Our player base will consist of players from around the world so it’s impossible to find a time that would suit them all.
Currently most responses are from Europe and America. For this reason we tried to pick a time that would be a compromise for these locations.

Project Hades will go live on 16th November 2017 at 18:00 GMT+1
To find a local time for you, check this LINK.

The next important point you are asking about is if the realm will be set to PVE or PVP.
The answer is: PVP.

Another essential detail for planning your guild actions, is the time of the weekly instance reset.
Project Hades will use a common reset time which is 6:00 GMT+1 on Wednesday.
First reset will take place at LINK

For your overall view we prepared a plan for the opening of all important things during Cataclym.
It will be the same dates everything was released as on retail servers.

Content Schedule

This plan is an “ideal” plan if everything will go smoothly. Dates may be adjusted according to circumstances.
Of course this applies only to content release dates. All world events have their dates fixed.

Other frequently asked questions are about realm setting after 16th November 2017 launch:

    • guild experience gain will be disabled – (enabled on 7th Dec 2017)
    • guild reputation gain will be disabled – (enabled on 7th Dec 2017)
    • player level cap will be set to 80 – (increased to 85 on 7th Dec 2017)
    • 80+ level Cataclym zones will be unavailable (Mount Hyjal, Vashjir, Deepholm, Uldum, Twilight Highlands) – (available on 7th Dec 2017)
    • guild challenges will be disabled – (enabled with 4.1 content)
    • instances from 4.0.6 content will be closed – (open on 7th Dec 2017)
    • experience gain in arenas will be disabled – (enabled with 4.1 content)
    • “Realm First” achievements from WotLK raids (not level 80 and professions) will be disabled forever
    • cooking, fishing and jewelcrafting daily quests in capital cities will be unavailable – (available on 7th Dec 2017)
    • Archaeology trainers will be despawned temporarily – (spawned again on 7th Dec 2017)
    • flying in Azeroth will be disabled – (enabled on 7th Dec 2017)
    • LFR is currently not planned for the future

We will respond to your queries and continuously inform you if there are more changes.

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Hades team